Legal requirements in aviation are increasingly subject to short-term changes. During the last years air law changed radically. The „playing field“ became much more complex. A thorough understanding of the air law legal requirements is important. Even more important is to understand the situation not only from a pure legal point of view but also from a practical point of view, or in other words, from the customers point of view – customers expect an economical and acceptable solution of their problems.

Regulations like ICAO Documents, EASA Regulations, Eurocontrol ESARRS, are very technical, nevertheless they are still regulations. This is the point. it is not enough to refer to the pure legal point of view – it is necessary to refer also to the practitioners point of view and merge both views to solutions that satisfy the needs of the customer.

Mag. Michael Rainer combines almost 30 years of experience in aviation and more than 20 years experience in legal affairs.

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